The Effects of Testosterone Boosters On The Body

The Effects of Testosterone Boosters On The Body
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Testosterone boosters are used by many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, elderly men to increase their muscle mass, libido and testosterone levels. But do you know testosterone boosters can impact many other realms apart from the aforementioned functions. Here is a compilation of what else is your testo booster capable of:

  • Lifts your Mood

Low testosterone levels can lead to lack of energy and concentration, decreased strength and body mass. Lack of testosterone in the male body may make them feel less self-assured and less masculine. All this take a toll on their mental health and make them irritable, moody and depressed. Low testosterone levels makes men less energetic, leading to lack of physical activity, to getting fat and thus, feeling unattractive. The moment their testosterone level increases( either naturally or artificially) their zest for life increases and they are able to perform better in every area of life.

  • Better Thinking Abilities

According to a research-in-process by Harvard University, there could be a correlation between testosterone levels and brain behavioral functions. As you age, your thinking, reasoning, spatial abilities decline. If you have a high testosterone level even when you are senile then it means that your cognitive abilities (mental process involved in thinking, judging, perceiving and understanding) are far better than your peers with lower testosterone levels. Some researches have even shown that higher the testosterone level, lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Makes you Honest!

A group of men were randomly selected for an experiment. They were further divided into 2 groups. First group of men was to use testosterone gel and similarly second group, placebo. They were asked to roll a dice, in private and note the numbers they got. The higher number they got, the more money they were to receive. It was observed that men who had used testo gel were more honest with their numbers. Increased testosterone levels gave a boost to their pride and self-image and they were not willing to risk it.

  • Can Get You a Date

Researches have proven that men who have a higher level of testosterone are able to assert themselves better with women, can steer a conversation smoothly and click better with women. Men with lower testosterone levels couldn’t do any of the above.

  • Can Save You from Diseases

Low level of testosterone level is linked to a weak heart and a higher chance of type 2 diabetes.

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Final Verdict

However, there are some negative effects of having an ultra-high level of testosterone- skin problems, pimples and oily skin, prostate swelling, increased breasts, fluid retention. You should calculate both pros and cons before coming to any conclusion. Make sure that cons don’t outweigh the pros. All the best!

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